Moustiers Sainte Marie

You are sure to love Moustiers Sainte Marie, one of the most beautiful villages in France, built on the rocks and with the Maïre waterfall running through it.
The name Moustiers comes from monastery, referring to the numerous caves inhabited by monks in the 5th century.
Suspended between the 2 rocks, the golden star measures 1.25 m. It is said that the knight of Blacas, taken prisoner by the Saracens during a crusade, vowed that if he returned to his homeland, he would suspend a chain between the 2 rocks supporting the star.
Under the star, Notre-Dame-de-Beauvoir is perched high above the village. The climb up the calade is well worth the detour, as you can admire the village from above, with its tangle of roofs.
Don’t miss: the Church of Moustiers, built in two architectural periods, Romanesque and Gothic, the ramparts, the Courchon road, wrongly called the “Roman road”, the spring, the fountains and wash-houses, the aqueduct.
Moustiers-Sainte Marie is world-famous for its uniquely fine earthenware, and you can discover the art of earthenware in the village stores, in the workshops that can be visited and, of course, in the earthenware museum. Stroll through the village streets, discovering the wealth of local arts and crafts, visiting the Mostra and Isabelle Merlet galleries, exhibitions in the former presbytery hall, and nocturnes at the faience museum.

guided tours

of the village and a treasure hunt for children.

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